Cancer Horoscope: May 2018

Cancer, Zodiac Sign, Zodiac, Moon, Star

Cancer (21st June- 22nd July)

Cancer, with your natural loving, caring and nurturing Sun sign traits, it’s quite possible that you’ve been putting the needs of others before your own recently, or you have felt pressured to do so. The cost of this has been neglecting yourself. This month, take a step back from everyone’s needs or demands.  You may find this month that your own need for a release or to hide out is what you desire. Venus, the planet of love, growth and connection to what we truly desire moves into your sign, if you are seeking head space or any other connection to something or someone that brings you more pleasure in your life, around the 19th when the planet transits maybe an ideal time to seek out such pleasure! Under the influence of the Sun moving into Gemini on the 20th take charge of any desires to learn, seek knowledge and generally find what pleases you. The focus this month is your own self love, retreat, your subconscious and any lessons you need to learn to be happy, above everyone else’s demands.

Watch an intuitive Cancer Tarot reading video for May here.



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