Leo Horoscope: May 2018

Leo, Astrology, Sign, Symbol, Horoscope


Leo (23rd July- 22nd August)

Leo, are you feeling sociable this month? For you, friendships, both professional and personal but not the romantic kind are heightened this month. As your ruling planet moves into Gemini a buzz of wanting to go out, meet people and spend quality time may appeal to you. If so, go for it! Make the most of friendships this month, reach out to long lost ones and bond with existing ones. If you have had some ambitions recently this month they could be favourable also. The new moon on the 15th is an ideal time to continue working slow and steadily on any ambitions and create your own good fortune. Mid-month you may also need to take some action regarding your more romantic relationships, if so whatever action is needed do not be distant, cold or aloof with your partner. Around the 19th as Venus the plant of wants, desires and connection shifts, for you Leo your emotions may be up and down.  Your desires may not be heading or did not in the recent past head in the direction you hoped for. Your natural trait as a Leo is to literally roar at everyone who stands in your way, instead retreat. Listen to what your subconscious is telling you if you are feeling emotional mid-month, or something has not quite gone how you expected it.

 Watch an intuitive Leo Tarot card reading for May here.


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