Taurus Horoscope: May 2018

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Taurus (20th April- 20th May)

Taurus for you, your house of money, possessions, your income and assets are all be priority for you this month. With Mercury’s communication energy moving into your sign on the 13th, this will help  your ability to communicate effectively with others in general, or regarding any matters in these key areas, if you do find you need to communicate regarding complex matters in anyway this month via phone, letter, email, or in person it should go positivity.

On the 15th the new Moon falls in your sign too, this is an ideal time to focus on any paperwork, or communication you need to do. Mercury will move on from your sign on the 29th, finish up projects requiring lots of communication and fact checking while the energy is surrounding you before it moves on. On the 15th Uranus, the planet of rebellion and eccentricity moves into your sign also, so while communication skills are heightened with Mercury, be mindful of any crazy or radical ideas you have this month with Uranus’ energy! Check the details.

For an intuitive Tarot card reading for Taurus for May click here.



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