Libra Horoscope: May 2018

Libra, Zodiac Sign, The Weight Of The


Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)

Say hello to May Libra, this month your ruling planet Venus shifts again, your career, reputation, and how you come across to the public are positively under the spotlight. Venus connects us to what we truly desire, want and our loves and passions. If you have had a desire for positive movement in this area of your life this could be the month, under Venus’ influence. Or you could make a very important connection with someone or something do with your career. Around the new Moon on the 15th, take time to plan for good, steady progress in this area of your life. Earmark the 19th as your personal  ‘power day’, should you need to take action in your work and career. Travel, study, international connections and religion are other areas of positivity and significance this month for you, as the Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th. If you need to seek out any information or research around these areas earmark the 20th as a good date to start.


Watch an intuitive Tarot card reading for the month of May for Libra here.


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