Pisces Horoscope: May 2018

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Pisces (20th February – 20th March)

Pisces mid month as the planet of Uranus moves into the Taurus area of the zodiac, for you, this month you may have an urge to spend some serious cash! Uranus’ rebellion and eccentric energy under Taurus’ general enjoyment of money and possessions will impact on your house of money…If you let it. Be sensible with your money this month with this energy surrounding you. As the Sun moves into the zodiac area of Gemini from the 20th your family, home and parents will be a key focus on the month. Play special attention to this area of your life around this time. Towards the end of the month around the full Moon on the 29th in Sagittarius, focus on any ideas you’ve had around your career and work. Also if you need to carry out any research of study for this area of your life this maybe the ideal time under the Sagittarius’ full Moon powerful energy. Mercury the planet of communication is also moving into Gemini on this date, communication skills will be strong if there is a work related need to do a  public speech, or build relationships around your house of career and work, this is an ideal time to start around the full Moon.

Watch an intuitive Tarot card reading for Pisces for May here.



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