Scorpio Horoscope: May 2018

Scorpio, Zodiac Sign, Zodiac, Moon, Star

Scorpio (October 23rd- 21st November)

Money, money money again this month Scorpio, this could be a key focus point for you. The money that maybe in concern is what is shared with others, as well as what you earn yourself. Tax, debts, bill payments, inheritance for example. The advice around your house of money is to ensure you know all you need to know about financial situations or deals, under Gemini’s ‘seeker of all knowledge’ energy this month as the Sun moves into this energy on the 20th. In other news, your ruling planet Mars the planet of ambition, determination and ‘go-get-em’ moves into Aquarius.  For you Scorpio, your natural approach is to move quickly and with determination by nature, with Mars as your ruler. This month, soak up some of the Aquarius energy as your planet shifts on the 16th.  This month under Aquarius use logic and deep reflection on any areas of your life that need it the most, before decisions are made especially around your family, home and parents. Under Aquarius’ energy influence on your ruling planet, you may feel sociable and carefree in May! This could connect you with family and your parents. Venus the planet of desire, wants and connection to passions shifts this month also, into Cancer, for you you may find become connected with religion, travel, further study and life’s higher meaning mid-May, or have a desire to do so. The advice is to utilise your natural Scorpio traits of being drawn to all things mystical and nurture your spirituality and house of higher learning mid-month onward.

Watch an intuitive Tarot card reading for Scorpio for the month of May Here.


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