Full Moon Energy In Scorpio 29th April- Time For Transformation.

A, A Journey Of Discovery, Darkness

So, it’s a full moon this weekend! My favourite part of the moon phases personally. And, it’s in the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. Last week I uploaded on YouTube a intuitive Tarot card reading for the Sun sign of Scorpio. In just a week it’s the most watched reading. You can watch that here. There were so many messages to pass on from the Divine, to the Sun sign of Scorpio last week for May, I’m really pleased that I’ve reached so many under this sign in a week.

Tonight, I did an other full Moon energy reading for this Sun sign, which you can watch here. But let’s take a look at what the full Moon energy is all about.

What is a Full Moon?

Well, it’s the part of the Moon phase where the Moon’s energy is at is fullest I should say first. Which makes it the perfect time to manifest or work on dreams, goals and hopes or even cast spells too under this energy. Secondly, from Earth’s perspective the Moon will look fully illuminated and can be viewed in full.

When and Why Does it Happen?

When the Earth is directly positioned between the Sun and the Moon, a full Moon happens! It happens roughly every twenty-eight to twenty-nine days.  And lasts until the next Moon phase- seven days. The time of day the full Moon will happen for you, will depend on your time zone in the world.

When There is  Full Moon in My Sign, What’s So Special?

Well, for you personally I like to call this ‘ personal power time’ where the full Moon’s energy is behind you in a positive way. It’s time to take control over what you want, and make that shit happen! It’s said that the most powerful time during a full Moon, other than the day itself are the three days before and three days after. Use the time to your advantage. Also, for others the full Moon in another Zodiac sign I personally feel is a good time to make positive use of that Sun sign’s traits. For example, this weekend the full Moon is in Scorpio, Scorpio is very much linked to death and rebirth, transformation, rise and fall. It’s an ideal time to focus on transformation, rebirth and becoming stronger, in whatever area of your life you feel needs it.

If you’re a Scorpio you can watch your energy Tarot reading here. Happy full Moon Scorpio.



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