Why is the Ascendant or Rising Sign So Important in Astrology?

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The Ascendant sign other wise known as the ‘rising sign’ is the Zodiac sign the Sun rose from, before it settled in the position of what you know as your Star sign (Sun sign). It’s a key part of Astrology and is what allows you to understand yourself, personality and emotions on a deeper level.

The Ascendant sign also shows you who you are internally, in private. It’s not your ego otherwise known as the Sun sign. Ego, meaning what you show to the world you are, as a person, and your traits within your personality on the outside. The Ascendant sign can show you who you will become later on in life, as it is said that we all develop the traits of our Ascendant sign as we mature in life. It can take many years for the Ascendant sign traits to show themselves fully within a person’s character.

What Can I do With This Information?

Well, it will help you to balance out your understand of you. For example, I am an Aquarius Sun Sign through and through! The traits of Aquarius resonate with me on an outer-ego level, however my Ascendant is Virgo. So, while I may radiate the ego of an Aquarius e.g. liking mental stimulation as one example, as a Virgo I can be a perfectionist or nit-picky on the finer details, I like to do a good job and have a good job well done. This is 100% true, I am my own worst critique over perfection with everything I do.

Once a person is aware of their Ascendant sign, they are so much more empowered in terms of knowing who and what they are, more rounded and can go through life with a better understanding of themselves internally as well as externally via their Sun ( Star) sign and the Ascendant sign. You can also, read up and learn about your Ascendant sign for a good understanding of the traits of that sign, and ultimately you as you mature!

Lastly, you may read your  Sun (Star) sign horoscope and it totally may not resonate with you, or watch a YouTube clip on a prediction or reading for your Sun sign and not feel the vibration or message. If this is the case it could be down to your Ascendant, it might be worth checking out the prediction, clip or reading for your Ascendant sign also.

Where  or how can I found out my Ascendant sign?

Simple friends! You have a birth chart done. Personal birth chart will give you all the information you need to know and an interpretation of you, based on the Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs that are yours for life. Read up on this here.

Your Moon sign is also a key part of your make-up in Astrology terms for information on why this is important you can read up on that here.



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