15th May New Moon In Taurus: Tarot Reading + New Moon Candle Spell

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Ah, the new moon. I love new moons an ideal time to start a fresh cycle of manifestation and forward thinking. On the 15th  May 2018 we have a new Moon in the Sun sign of Taurus. Taurus is an excellent sign for new Moon manifestation. Taurus is connected with progress, planning, and always reaching the finishing line even if it is at a slower pace. Taurus also rules the second house of money, wealth, what we own and income.

What is a new Moon?

It’s the time when a new cycle starts over again, the first Luna phase. The Sun and the Moon are inline, they are on opposite sides of the Earth.

How can I uplift myself spiritually during a new Moon

If the new Moon is in your Sun sign you’ve already stepped into your personal power, take hold of it and manifest, work on or plan for what your heart desires over the next seven day period. Check your horoscope and see if there are any indications of key power dates in the month also. If the new Moon is not in your sign, you can still see this as a fresh new period, everything is new. The new energy is an ideal time to think about  forward movement.

You can also take this time to ‘banish’ anything that was bothering you under the last Moon phase. Simply do a cleansing and banishing candle magic spell. You’ll need:

  • A new white candle, any size or length.
  • A piece of paper to write your petition on. Traditionally in Hoodoo magick a brown paper bag is used. A white piece will do just fine.
  • A black pen. Permanent if you have one.
  • A heat proof bowl or ashtray.
  • Some cleansing incense something with sage, clove, peppermint or frankincense in. (Optional).


  1.  Light your incense. Tear off a small piece of paper, don’t make it even it can have jagged edges not a perfect square.
  2. Using a black pen write down everything that has bothered you over the last month, or that you wish to banish or rid yourself of. Any stress write it down or just the name or key words. Sign it with your name and date of birth.
  3. Light your white candle.
  4. Fold your paper in half AWAY FROM YOU as you want to remove it, turn it anti-clock wise to the left and fold AWAY FROM YOU until the paper is small enough to write your name and date of birth on.
  5. Say your intention or words into the candle flame out loud, state what you wish to banish and remove. Finish off with ‘ you are banished and no longer bother me.’
  6. Light the corner of the paper in the flame, place the burning paper in a heat proof dish, or ash try to let it burn out. Place the dish and ashes outside once burned out and let the worries be blown away by the wind… start your new Moon with happy vibes!


Check out a special Tarot card reading for Taurus Sun, Moon and Rising signs here on YouTube.

Love and Light.



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