Aquarius: Uranus Ruling Planet Enters Taurus Tarot Reading + What Will It Mean For You??


Aquarius Zodiac Sign Horoscope Astrology S

Being an Aquarius Sun sign myself I am super excited about this planet transit. Firstly, Uranus our ruling planet takes seven- eight years to move! The impact is always long lasting wherever Uranus moves. What I can say is, Taurus is linked to the second house of money, finance, possessions and what we earn so it’s possible that this move could be a good one. Why? Well Uranus under Taurus’ influence is Uranus ‘in fall’ the planet’s energy is disciplined you could say. Uranus is the planet of eccentric behaviour, being an odd ball and change, so some of us could have stable finances under Taurus’ influence.

This is just a general statement, to know exactly what house Uranus will impact on you’d need an Astrology chart done! Via the Spiritual Parlour you can purchase a personal chart with all the answers for just 9.00 euros!  Using your date,time and location of birth it will show:

  • The house of life Uranus’ move will impact on for you.
  • Where all the other planets are also for you.
  • What you may feel, experience over the next seven- eight years with Uranus’ move and the rest of 2018.

That’s not all I’ve done a special Aquarius general energy Tarot reading which you can watch on YouTube here. For Personal Astrology charts check out my shop here.


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