Leo Horoscope June 2018


African Lion, Mane, Close Eyes, Wildlife

Leo (23rd July- 22nd August)

Leo, this month your ruling plant the Sun heads over to Cancer from the 21st. Around this time you may feel more in touch with your subconscious, things from the past, hidden messages and enlightenment may come with this planet transit. Under Cancer’s influence it would be wise to take a nurturing approach and pay some attention to what you hope to manifest, and the feelings or messages you receive or anything that’s revealed to you suddenly under Cancer’s natural nurturing  and intuitive energy. With this house of life heightened for you this month, don’t get in your own way or be too self-critical either, but do pay attention to your inner voice. If you need to carry out any important communications, meetings or have a ‘talk’ with someone organise this before Mercury enters your Sun sign on the 29th.  Mercury in Leo’s territory can stifle the planet’s natural energy that helps aid communication to become easy, with the planet in your sign this could make communication slightly challenging for you in particular! Set to work on important ideas, and anything you need to plan or communication in unison with others or hold any meetings you need to that are important before the 29th, if possible. With Venus the planet that connects us to our passions, love, money and what we desire in your sign from the 13th this maybe an ideal time to for communication with the positive and supportive energy of Venus behind you.

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