Aquarius June 2018 Horoscope

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Aquarius, this month your house of work, routine, health, service and how you make your money is under the spotlight! The new Moon on the 15th in your fellow air sign Gemini is really good and positive energy for you.  Mars the planet of ambition, determination and go-get-m has also been in your sign since mid-May. Mid-month is an ideal time to manifest and work on work projects, review your daily routine or even how you make your money with these positive energies around you. What ideas do you have Aquarius?  You’re normally full of them. Mars will turn retrograde in your sign toward the end of the month, make use of the start to mid- month to move forward. As the Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st use Cancer’s nurturing traits and focus on nurturing success in your work and how you earn your money, maybe even review your health routine. As a natural communicator, be warned that Mercury the planet of communication will move into Leo on the 29th, in this energy it is not as effective at helping with communication and Leo is also your opposition sign! Don’t panic just ensure that while communicating you are clear and any major communication you need to do or organising which involves several people, try to finish this up before the planet transits.

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