Libra June 2018 Horoscope

Silhouette, Scales, Justice, Scale

Libra, this month your ruling planet Venus heads over to Leo on the 13th. Venus is the planet that connects us with our wants, desires, needs and money. Under Leo’s influence you may find yourself being more forthcoming about what it is you actually want in your life moving forward, and what no longer serves you. The new Moon in your fellow air sign Gemini on the 15th, for you, could add supportive energy in this aspect of your life, what you want and no longer need or want. Use the new Moon as an ideal time to focus in on this and take action under Leo’s forceful, forward moving energy. As the Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st your house of career, reputation, fame and work is highlighted. Nurture this aspect with Cancer’s natural nurturing energy, it could also be a time where positive outcomes manifest in your career and work. As we approach the end of the month toward the full Moon in earth sign Capricorn, take on Capricorn’s energy of grounding, stability and putting in the work needed is advised especially if mid-month it has become clear what it is you desire, as your ruling planet shifts.

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