Aries Horoscope: July 2018



Aries (21st March- 19th April) 

Aries, this month romance, creativity, children and life’s pleasures will be the focus point for you, as the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd, your house of life’s pleasure will be under the spot light. With the Sun under the influence of Leo this is sure to bless this house of life for you in a positive way. The Sun rules Leo. Leo’s characteristics may come into play in your overall enjoyment of life this month. Expect to be feeling creative, hopeful, optimistic, bold and determine even a little romantic! On the new Moon on the 12th there will be a solar eclipse in the Sun sign of Cancer. For you your house of communication, siblings, short distance travel and early childhood may be vibrated. A new moon is an ideal time to take a look at this house of life,  and see how you could nurture it or any hopes you have for this area of life under Cancer’s nurturing characteristics.  Your ruling planet Mars the planet of war, ambition, determination and progress is still in retrograde, it has been since June and will not turn direct until the end of August. This is an ideal time to revisit projects, plans, ideas and to slow down your thinking. Think before you act while Mars is under the logical and intellectual sign of Aquarius’ influence s until mid-August. Around mid-August you can then use Capricorn’s influence of grounding and stability to work on your plans so they are solid as Mars in retrograde transits into this Sun sign.

Check out my YouTube Aries play list for your Tarot Card reading for July!



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