Cancer Horoscope: July 2018


Cancer (21st June- 22nd July)

Cancer, brace yourself it’s a busy month Astrology wise for your Sun sign. On the 12th there is a new Moon solar eclipse in your Sun sign. For you the first house of you, all that you are, and your desires will be the main focus. Solar eclipse energy can vibrate in our life right up until the next one! Under the influence of your own natural caring and nurturing characteristics as a Cancer around the new Moon really focus on you, your wants and what you feel you need out of life right now. As the Sun moves under the influence of Leo your wealth, money, what you own, and possessions will be the focus point this month. Under the influence of Leo, you could find that you are making moves to increase your wealth. Around the full Moon lunar eclipse on the 27th romance, marriage, your partnerships both professional and personal could be on your mind. The full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius may provoke some deep logical thought about this area of life for you. The Moon under the Aquarius’ influence turns emotions from internal to the forefront of the mind. What is it you want in this area of life or romance, marriage, partnerships both professional and personal? Under the full Moon now is the time to think and act on it.

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