Taurus Horoscope: July 2018


Taurus (20th April- 20th May)

Taurus, this month on the 9th your ruling planet Venus the planet that connects us to hopes, dreams, what we desire, beauty and money will move into the Sun sign of Virgo this month. For you this will impact on your overall pleasures in life, romance, children and creativity. It’s important to note that Venus under the influence of Virgo will slow down Venus’ natural helpful and supportive energy in the house of life she transits. You may find this month that there are delays in gaining what you have been manifesting or hoping for when it comes to what really brings you pleasure in life, romance, money or your creative projects. Venus will remain in Virgo until early next month, the advice is battle through any delays the best you can and prepare for when she transits away from Virgo into a Sun sign she thrives in, as she rules over it as well as you- Libra. Next month, this house of life may pick up speed again. Also this month, for you, the family, home, your foundations and past could be a focus as the Sun moves into Cancer on the 22nd. You may find that there is a need to embrace Cancer’s characteristics as the Sun is under its influence and nurture, care for or even use your deep intuition when it comes to matters regarding your family, home life, foundations or the past. On the 12th, during the new Moon there will be a solar eclipse, this will impact this same house of life for you. New Moons are an ideal time to look at areas of life with fresh eyes or a new approach. The full Moon at the end of the month on the 27th will be a lunar eclipse in the Sun sign of Aquarius, this will vibrate your house of career, reputation, how you come across to the world. During the powerful moon phase  embrace Aquarius’ influence that is surrounding this house of life, take a logical, intelligent and honest look at your career and where it’s going, are

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