Aquarius Horoscope: July 2018



Aquarius (20th January-19th February)

Brace yourself this month Aquarius, the next few months could be revolutionary for you. First on the 12th there is a solar eclipse new Moon, in the Sun sign of Cancer. For you this will vibrate your house of work, service, how you earn your money and health. Use Cancer’s nurturing and caring characteristics to closely examine this house of life. Are you happy with how you earn your money? Do you need a new health routine? The lunar eclipse will take place on the 27th in your Sun sign. The first house of you, who you are and all that you believe in will be under the spotlight. You are the most intelligent sign of the Zodiac, use and embrace your clear thinking and fixed air sign energy to focus on what it is you truly hope for or wish to manifest.  Mars the planet of ambition, drive, motivation, war and action went retrograde in your Sun sign, on the 26th of June. It’s possible things have slowed down in your life, however Mars in retrograde is a chance to go back and revisit old tasks or projects and see what needs to be completed, or reworked. Now is an ideal time to do this.  Rather than slow yourself down, use Mars’ war like characteristics and plough through any old projects, tasks, ideas and missions with confidence… slay Aquarius! Mentally and literally you have great empowering energy around you. As the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd this will vibrate your house of partnerships, relationships both personal and professional and marriage. The Sun’s energy is growth, vitality, progress and health, this is positive news. Overall, this is a powerful month for you Aquarius, changes could happen and realisations could take place that could be long lasting, especially under the lunar eclipse.


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