Libra Horoscope: July 2018



Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)

Libra, this month your ruling planet Venus heads over to the Sun sign of Virgo. Venus’ energy is supportive and connects us to love, beauty, what we want and desire as well as money. Under Virgo’s influence Venus’ support is curbed or held back slightly. For you, you may experience delays or a slow down in love, finance, and things you are deeply passionate about in terms of projects. However, this should not last long as she is set to transit again back into your Sun sign, things should pick up in this area of life. As the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd what this may bring for you is, your house of hopes and dreams, friendships and ambitions moving into a positive light with the Sun’s energy of growth, vitality and positivity surround this house of life for you. Under Leo’s influence really go for what you want this month surrounding work, goals, dreams and ambitions this month as the Sun shifts.  On the 12th the will be a new Moon solar eclipse, for you this will vibrate your  house of career, reputation, how people see you. The Eclipse will be a very powerful new Moon to manifest any hopes you have for your career also, especially as the Sun will be in your house of hopes and dreams. Often during a solar eclipse the house which complements the house the eclipse take place will need to be balanced out. For you on the 27th during the full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius, your complimentary house of the home, family, foundations and past will be vibrated. The advice is this month to ensure that around the full and new Moons both your career and home life are in harmony.

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