Pisces Horoscope: July 2018



Pisces (20th February – 20th March)

Pisces Your ruling planet Neptune the planet of hopes, dreams, illusions and fantasy has been in retrograde under the influence of Gemini since June. It won’t turn direct until November. It’s possible that you have experienced a slow down in any hopes or dreams you have been manifesting. However, a retrograde period is a chance to revisit old events or projects to ensure that that are on track. Use this retrograde period wisely when it comes to your manifestations. Use Gemini’s influence which is the knowledge seeker to research and plan well. On the 12th there will be a solar eclipse, new Moon under the influence of Cancer. This will vibrate your house of creativity, children, romance and life’s overall fun and enjoyment. Use Cancer’s characteristics of nurture, care and intuition when it comes to romance, creative projects and the family. On the 27th there will be a lunar eclipse under the influence of Aquarius, this will vibrate your house of subconscious and hidden enemies. Pay attention to your subconscious thoughts around this time, messages may be revealed to you. Mentally you should be very in tune and as a naturally intuitive sign your thoughts may be heightened.


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