Sagittarius Horoscope: July 2018



Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December)

Sagittarius, good news this month on the 10th your ruling planet Jupiter the planet of good fortune, sports an business turns direct! It will be under the influence of Scorpio. For you this will vibrate your house of subconscious and the hidden enemies. This month pay attention to any subconscious thoughts or feelings you have, especially as Jupiter is turning direct you could have a stroke of luck from some subconscious realization. As the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd your house of higher learning, religion, God, long distance travel and the meaning of life will be under the spot light. The Sun brings health, growth, vitality and progress. If you need to undertake a course of study to improve your knowledge or carry out research, toward the end of the month is an ideal time. The new Moon on the 12th will be a solar eclipse, this will take place in the Sun sign Cancer. For you, your house of shared money, taxes, debts, death and rebirth will be vibrated. Are you thinking of reinventing an area of your life? If so under Cancer’ caring and nurturing characteristics around the new Moon could be an ideal time for self-reinvention in anyway. On the 27th, there will be a lunar eclipse in the Sun sign of Aquarius, which will vibrate you your house of communication, siblings, short distance travel and early.  

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