Scorpio Horoscope: July 2018



Scorpio (October 23rd- 21st November)

Scorpio, your ruling planet Pluto the planet of death, rebirth, regeneration and change is still in retrograde. He has been sense April in the Sun sign of Capricorn. He won’t turn direct until the end of September. It’s possible that you are or have been experiencing the feeling of being stuck in one place or situation? This is Pluto helping you to learn all you need to before you can move forward. Under Capricorn’s influence it’s possible that experiences you’ve had during this retrograde have been linked to business, being organised or planning  all areas that Capricorn’s earthy and stability based traits are often displayed. The advice is embrace any hick-ups or stuck in the mud feelings to help better shape your future in whatever area of life you’re experiencing the retrograde energy. The good news is, as the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd, your house of career, reputation and how you are seen by others is under the spotlight in positive way. The Sun’s energy always brings growth, vitality, positivity and progression to a house of life it transits. The advice is to use Leo’s energy surrounding this area of life and be bold! Take action with your career set out to impress your clients or boss. In the long term this could sew a few seeds with people who matter, which in return may better improve your work or even financial position in the near future.

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