About The Spiritual Parlour


Welcome to The Spiritual Parlour, this is a place where one and all are welcome to come and embrace their spiritual growth and abundance. I’m Kae the founder,  this space is dedicated to sharing free blogs and YouTube videos on:

  • Weekly Tarot card readings.
  • Monthly horoscope readings.
  • Intuitive messages with the world!
  • Astrology blogs.
  • Tarot card blogs.
  • You can also purchase spiritual and ritual candles via my Etsy store here.

My journey into the world of Tarot and horoscope started around fifteen years ago, when I was just in my early teens. (I’m now in my mid-thirties). I stumbled across both, embraced them and spirituality as a whole and never looked back. I’ve spent a number of years studying in both areas. I’ve learned that I have a very strong intuitive nature when it comes to reading Tarot, I am guided by this, rather than going just by what the text books say!  I’m not ‘religious’ in anyway. I don’t follow one set religion, I more have an understanding of them, and appreciation for what each one offers. I am in that sense spiritual.

So, stick around for regular messages shared related to your Sun (Star) sign,  general weekly Tarot messages, showing what the possible energy for the upcoming week maybe and interesting uplifting blog posts.  My mission is simply to help empower and uplift others via the messages I receive. If one person receives some empowerment and positive vibes then, I’m a happy bunny. Remember these messages are general, and may not resonate with every one. For a personal reading that will resonate with your own personal situation and questions I do offer birth charts and Tarot readings. Don’t forget to also check your Ascendant or rising Sun and Moon Astrology signs for better understanding.

Love and light to all!


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