The Spiritual Parlour Shop

The Spiritual Parlour is online, via Etsy  here you will  find your most needed spiritual candles online, personal Astrology reports and e-books for the year, calendars, print-ables and much more! Everything Astrology and spirituality related.

  • Prosperity, success and abundance candles.
  • New business candles.
  • Road opener candles.
  • Protection candles
  • Healing candles.
  • Female empowerment candles inspired by the powerful female Deities Maman Bridget (Haitian Loa Goddess) and Oya (Goddess from one of the seven African powers).
  • Love attraction and twin flame candles.
  • ‘Titanium’ love candles.
  • Medication candles.
  • New moon candles.
  • Much much more!

You’ll also find intent oils and potions all handmade:

  • Fast Money Oil, Prosperity Oil, Good Luck Oil.
  • ‘Follow me’ love oil.
  • Crossing Oil ( hey I’m no judge, sometimes in life people need humbling!)
  • Four Thieves Vinager
  • Cleansing oils, protection oils.
  • Much much more!


Check out The Spiritual Parlour online!